How Beat It. Came to Be?

In October 2011, Kyle began the fight of his life (for the second time), as he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Osteogenic Sarcoma, when doctors discovered metastatic tumours in his lungs.

As a result of chemotherapy treatment, naturally Kyle began to lose his hair.  During this time Kyle decided he wanted to find a hat he could wear during his journey that was meaningful to him and would ultimately inspire him to BEAT his disease.

Kyle reached out to his friends, family and supporters through his blog for ideas and comments.  One thing lead to another and after an outpour of emails and messages, Kyle was inspired to design his own hat, rather than buy one off the rack.

With the help from our new friends at Ambler and in using all of Kyle’s ideas and your input, Kyle’s Beat It. hat was born!

Once again, we received loads of emails and messages from all of you, wanting to get involved.

We are now proud to announce that you can join Kyle’s team to Beat It. by purchasing and wearing Kyle’s hat!
$25.00 CAD
(taxes and shipping included)
colour: black
size: one size fits all
Beat It. Team

Your hat will be individually numbered to allow each teammate the opportunity to register their hat online.   The mapping tool will give us all the ability to see how widespread Kyle's team spans and the size and strength of the team!
Beat It. Hat

A portion of the proceeds from each Beat It. hat will be donated to the Mount Sinai Hospital Sarcoma Unit, where Kyle is currently being treated.  Our goal is to help further research and to help this world renowned team find a cure for Osteogenic Sarcoma in our lifetime!
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