Island fever : Kyle Miller

Island fever

by Kyle & Vanessa on 04/03/13

Over the last couple of weeks, Kyle had three treatments of his new chemo regiment through IPT in the Bahamas. After having a bit of a reaction and scare from the first treatment (he had a high fever and shortness of breath in the evening of March 18th), we were hit with a wakeup call and decided we should starting making plans to head home to Toronto. Since his first reaction, he has been able to tolerate the drugs without any problems, however for a number of reasons we were starting to feel like the Bahamas wasn't the best place for Kyle at this time. We may consider returning to Freeport at some point in the future, but for now our plan is to get Kyle home to Toronto where he'll resume the same chemo treatment at a private clinic in the city with Dr. Gagovski. Dr. G has been treating patients with IPT chemo through his clinic for almost 20 years and has a lot of experience with treating stage IV cancer patients.

Over the last 48 hours Kyle's pain has increased considerably; now it's all along his left side from his neck down to his hip. Our original plan was to leave on Friday of this week to start our journey by ferry/car back to Canada, but very suddenly on Monday evening we decided it was time to pack up our things and get off the island. After four long months in Freeport, it was difficult for us to say goodbye and close the doors on the little slice of heaven we've called home...but we both had a strong feeling that it was time to move on and there was no sense in delaying our departure any longer.

We took the ferry boat across from Freeport to Ft. Lauderdale late last night. We're in Fort Myers now where our car has been living since we left for Freeport in December. We plan to start the drive back to Toronto from Florida either tomorrow or Friday morning, depending on how Kyle is feeling. We are so lucky to have our good friend Kyla with us now who flew down to Freeport from Toronto last Friday...she's here with us in Ft. Myers and will be my co-pilot for the drive home, while Kyle sleeps with Connor in the backseat!

We don't consider this move as taking a step backward, but that Kyle will be able to take leaps forward since he'll not only be surrounded by the support of friends and family, but also we'll have the comfort in knowing that there's backup emergency medical support available to him, if ever necessary (though we don't anticipate he'll need it!).

We're hoping the increase in pain and onset of new symptoms is just a bad case of island fever and that we'll both regain some strength over the next few days, so that he's able to resume his chemo treatments in Toronto next week.

Talk soon,


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1. Deb V said on 4/3/13 - 03:52PM
I am sure that being close to family and friends will be a huge boost. Have a safe drive home and I am looking forward to hearing good news when you get back.
2. Aunt Karen said on 4/3/13 - 05:11PM
Safe travels!! See you soon! xoxo
3. Diane said on 4/3/13 - 05:11PM
Safe journey home and will keep you in our prayers.
4. Halls Family said on 4/3/13 - 05:51PM
Safe travels! xo
5. (Mom) Linda said on 4/3/13 - 06:20PM
Your strength and positivity continues to be just astounding. We can't wait to see you both. Take good care on the drive and thanks to Kyla for all her support. Get home safe--and soon! Love you both. Mom and David
6. sandra said on 4/3/13 - 07:36PM
Stay positive and strong Kyle. You are in my prayers!
7. Anonymous said on 5/4/13 - 09:12PM
I got treated by Dr. Wunder as well. Your story inspired me and it still does to thousands of other people. Wish you all the very best! I will be praying for you.

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