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the sweet taste of chemo

by Kyle & Vanessa on 03/18/13

Today went very smoothly. It was a long day and very different than a regular chemo day at Mt. Sinai in Toronto, but all in all, Kyle is doing well aside from his usual pain and discomfort. Depending on how he does over the next day or so and most importantly depending on his blood counts, Dr Bethel said he may want to do another treatment this week...probably on Friday.

It's safe for Kyle to receive chemo once or twice per week through the IPT method, because as I mentioned the other day, he was only given one tenth the regular dose of his chemo drugs. His treatments are 'potentiated' by the nutritional cocktail and particularly by the insulin that he was given before his chemo started today. The insulin dropped Kyle's blood sugar dramatically (from about 120 to 50 mg/dl), which didn't make him feel too great...he felt woozy for a few minutes and a bit light headed...but that was the goal. The idea behind this method of treatment is that cancer cells feed off of sugar. Therefore when the blood sugar in the body drops, healthy cells begin to metabolize fat but cancer cells immediately go into 'emergency mode.' During this time the cells become vulnerable since they open their membranes to soak up any sugar they can from the body. Once the chemotherapy is transmitted, they gave Kyle a small dose of dextrose (sugar), which the vulnerable cancer cells instantly try to gobble up, but along with the sugar, they also take in the sweet taste of chemo!

Anyway, along with benefits of IPT, it's expected that Kyle won't experience the regular side effects of full dose chemo such as nausea, vomiting, hair loss, low blood counts and liver damage. We're glad to be trying out a less invasive treatment approach and it all sounds fine and dandy in we just need it to work and make Kyle better!

We'll keep the updates coming and let you know how things go over the next few days.


Vanessa xo

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1. Deb said on 3/18/13 - 05:51PM
Vanessa, that is the clearest explanation of a treatment that I have ever heard...thank you. Praying that this new protocol works
2. Aunt Karen said on 3/18/13 - 06:02PM
Thinking about you guys. Can't wait to see you Friday!
3. Susan Lorenz said on 3/18/13 - 06:10PM
Happy to hear that things went relatively smoothly. I admire you both so much with all you are doing to kick ass. Love and hugs
4. mum said on 3/18/13 - 07:21PM
Good news, guys! Love you both so much. Thinking of pac man, chomp, chomp! xxx
5. Jennifer said on 3/19/13 - 10:18AM
Hi Vanessa, You don't know me but I came across this blog while doing research on the IAT clinic for myself. I'll be starting there April 3rd. I'm praying for Kyle every day. Take Care
6. Angela said on 3/19/13 - 01:01PM
Thinking and praying for you guys often. Keep staying strong!
7. Sandi MacDonald said on 3/20/13 - 06:53AM
Hey Kyle, just wanted you to know that Gregg and I have been thinking of you.

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